Features of the tandoor

1. Healthy food - all dishes cooked in a tandoor have almost no carcinogens, since cooking is not done on an open fire and without the use of oil.


2. The natural taste of dishes - is achieved due to the lack of smell of smoke and possible burning when draining fat on coals, as happens when cooking dishes on charcoal or an open fire.


3. 100% readiness - all products cooked in a tandoor are literally baked from the inside due to the effect of infrared radiation, which comes from the walls and accumulates in the center of the furnace due to the spherically concave walls of the tandoor. According to the principle of operation, the tandoor is similar to a microwave.


4. Lack of control - there is no need for constant monitoring of the preparation of dishes, since the temperature does not increase in the oven after it is prepared for operation. Due to this, in the tandoor dishes will not burn out and will not become worthless if you left them unattended for a long time.


5. Exotic - the design of the tandoor allows, after its use, to simply receive aesthetic pleasure due to its exotic, antique design, which boldly fits into any landscape and household design.


6. Omnivorousness - tandoor can be heated with wood, absolutely any quality and type.