O Tandoor

The tandoor of the Ukrainian Tehni-x trademark is a ceramic oven for cooking various dishes by baking products, due to infrared radiation.

The furnaces are hand-made in an exclusive, original workshop using environmentally friendly components and materials.

The production technology has a strictly sequential process that is clearly adhered to by workshop workers.

In the production of Technics tandoor, eco-friendly chamotte clay of the ECOBODY ШМ2-2М ТУ 14.2-32359731-001; 2005 brand is used, which is mined in the city of Slavyansk, Donetsk region.

The production process of the tandoor of our production includes preparing the clay itself, pouring it into molds, properly baking the tandoor bowl at a temperature of 1200 ° C, adjusting the main elements, assembling and reinforcing with a forged steel strip 4 mm thick, and finally, painting the tandoor with specially heat-resistant , waterproofing paint on an acrylic basis.

In the Tehni-x TM tandoor range there are tandoori of insulated and non-insulated execution, tandoor with a lower and lateral arrangement of a blower, tandoor of an exclusive design.