This product from Tehni-x is a transformer oven for cooking meat, fish and vegetables in nature, as well as a piece of interior and yard comfort as a fire pit. The device is made of Slavic fireclay clay in the form of an amphora with a lid and a cap, girded with cast-iron forged strips and forged legs.

In fact, this is a universal oven, which can be used as a tandoor, a classic barbecue, a grill, a stand for cooking dishes on a cauldron, a heater, and a fireplace.

Due to the energy intensity of chamotte clay, when cooking products on a fire pit, the cooking time is minimized and the quality of the prepared dishes is maximized due to the ability of chamotte clay to hold back the heat on the surfaces of its walls and return heat.

The fire pit is supplied with a grate, a grate for a cauldron, a grill grate made of food grade stainless steel.

The small weight of the fire pit, no more than 30 kg., Makes it easy to move it yourself. The mini tandoor can easily fit into the trunk of even a small car.


  • Volume 30 liters
  • Weight - 55 kg. (with lid)
  • Material - fireclay clay


  • Fire pit bowl
  • Cap
  • Gate valve
  • Grill mesh
  • Skewers - 5 pcs.
  • Mittens
  • Poker
  • Ash pan

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Mini tandoor "Kostrovnitsa"

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