Tandir insulated “Tehni-x Tugarin”

Tandir insulated Tugarin is a device for preparation of dishes from meat, fish, poultry, vegetables at any time of year.

At preparation of dishes products in Tandyra prepare not on an open fire, and at the expense of optimum warming up of walls of a furnace. Thus all dishes are prepared maximally quickly, tasty and dietetic.

This model Tandyr has a design bowl in the bowl between which to be basalt insulation, due to which in tandir Tugarin can significantly prolong the time of cooking in it dishes.

Features of the Tandyr:

  • Quality Slavic Shamoff
  • Quality forged hand-held strapping and other details of Tandyr
  • Folding Large Lid
  • Handles for transfer of Tandyr
  • Natural drying of the machine
  • Heat Resistant paint
  • A large neck with a diameter of 40 cm.

Height 121 cm
Depth 60 cm
Neck diameter 40 cm
Volume 100 l
Weight 250 kg
111 5 pcs.
111 1 pcs.
111 1 pcs.
111 1 pcs.
111 1 pcs.
Термометр 1 pcs.
Термальные перчатки 1 pair
Кочерга 1 pcs.
Совок 1 pcs.

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Tandoor insulated "Tehni-x Tugarin"

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